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> Perpetual Loop - Passage of Sound (Uxmal Records)
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PERPETUAL LOOP - Passage of Sound
( Uxmal Records )

OUT NOW & available digitally !!!!!


Perpetual Loops's third album...

Can be seen as 10 moments along a passage a sound chooses to take. Electronic edges merge with a multitude of traditional instruments that together weave through the landscape, creating a warmth, happiness and belonging to something greater.

Floating in strong melodies, evolving in ideas, spilling with colours that are both bright and sharp, all allowing you to interpret the passage in a way that's unique to you.

Well that's the idea anyway!


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>> Hear samples <<

1.Arctic Dawn
2.Never Been the Same Since
3.Lime Trees for Lemons
4.For Angels with Snow
5.When You're Not There
6.Breaking Binary
7.Twice as Bright
8.Night Drive
9.The Ones We Love the Most
10.Where the Road Meets the Beach


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